Enhance the lives of patients through creating the best of class medical cannabis and cannabis-related products that leverage the latest in medicine, science and technology.


  • Cultivate clean, standardized, and reproducible quality medical cannabis in an energy efficient manner.
  • Meet customer needs by selling cannabis and cannabis related products with a large variety of cannabinoid profiles and routes of administration at a variety of price ranges.
  • Provide cannabis to dispensaries throughout the state to ensure quality medicine and medicinal products are readily available to patients throughout Maryland.
  • Hire and train positive, knowledgeable, compassionate, and skillful employees.
  • Rigorously observe and enforce the cannabis laws and regulations in Maryland.
  • Participate in our community through education on the impact of medical cannabis and its potential benefits.

Leadership Team

Gary Mangum and Mike McCarthy – National leaders in the greenhouse growing industry. Co-founders of the 7th largest ornamental horticulture grower in America, with 425 acres of greenhouse and farmland producing over 100 million plants a year.

Deb Kimless, M.D. – Licensed anesthesiologist and dedicated researcher of medical use of cannabis for pain management, cancer, and as opioid replacement.

Gail Rand, CPA – Certified public accountant who has a professional background in financial audits, process improvement and systems management. Rand has been actively involved in the Maryland legislative process surrounding medicinal cannabis and its potential uses for her son who has epilepsy.

Dan Ramaty – Businessman with decades of experience nationally and internationally. Ramaty has immersed himself in the study of genetics and strains so he may help guide our customers so they may best serve the patients of Maryland.


ForwardGro will produce best in class medical cannabis in state-of-the-art greenhouse facilities. ForwardGro products will be available for purchase by licensed processors and retailers throughout the state of Maryland.

ForwardExtracts will produce top quality medical cannabis products, including concentrates, capsules, cartridges, suppositories, tinctures, oils, and topicals. ForwardExtracts’ products will be available for purchase by licensed retailers throughout the state of Maryland.


Several sites currently owned by the company’s principals and zoned for agriculture are under consideration. The site that is ultimately selected will have highly secure state-of-the-art greenhouses facilities.

Why Greenhouse

Greenhouse growing is the most efficient, cost effective way to produce consistent plant material year round, regardless of climate.

  1. Energy Efficient – utilize natural sunlight and airflow to control light and temperature.
  2. Natural – create a more robust product with less artificial supplementation.
  3. Sustainable – reduce chemical usage through best practice Integrated Pest Management strategies.
  4. Security – able to set up an environment that provides top of the line security throughout the facility.


Initial varieties/strains will be selected by Kimless and Ramaty based on latest research and case studies of the most effective medical treatments.


Forward Extracts will work with licensed processors to produce top of the line cannabinoid and terpene infused products. We will ensure that patients have access to clean, consistent, standardized, whole-plant medicinal products are produced. Together we will create a wide selection of cannabis products including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Concentrates
  • Cartridges
  • Oils
  • Tinctures
  • Suppositories
  • Capsules
  • Topical applications

New products will be developed and produced as medical science and technology evolve.


November 2015 – Submitted Stage 1 application for growing and processing license

August 2016 – Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission issued Phase 1 licenses

120 days – Build or retrofit greenhouse facilities

ASAP after 120 days – Secure Stage 2 license from the state of Maryland

After Stage 2 license is issued – Start cultivation

Q2/Q3 2017 – Cannabis flower available for purchase by dispensaries and processors

Ongoing Education & Medical Research

Our medical director is actively involved in developing case studies related to pain and cancer and was selected to present her findings locally at numerous conferences. In 2016 alone, she was invited to present to the Harvard CannMed conference, Israel’s cannabis conference, and King’s College in London, England.

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