Our Mission ForwardGro

Enhance the lives of patients through creating the best of class medical cannabis that leverages the latest in medicine, science and technology.

Our Goals

  • Cultivate

    Cultivate clean, standardized, and reproducible quality medical cannabis in an energy efficient manner.

  • Variety

    Meet customer needs by selling cannabis and cannabis related products with a large variety of cannabinoid profiles and routes of administration at a variety of price ranges.

  • Provide

    Provide cannabis and cannabis related products to dispensaries and processors throughout the state to ensure quality medicine and medicinal products are readily available to patients throughout Maryland.

  • Hire

    Hire and train positive, knowledgeable, compassionate, and skillful employees.

  • Observe

    Rigorously observe and enforce the cannabis laws and regulations in Maryland.

  • Participate

    Participate in our community through education on the impact of medical cannabis and its potential benefits.

Our Team

  • Debra Kimless MD

    Deb Kimless, M.D.

    Medical Director

    Licensed anesthesiologist and dedicated researcher of medical use of cannabis for pain management, cancer, and as opioid replacement.

  • Gail Rand

    Gail Rand, CPA

    CFO & Patient Advocacy

    Certified public accountant who has a professional background in financial audits, process improvement and systems management. Rand has been actively involved in the Maryland legislative process surrounding medicinal cannabis and its potential uses for her son who has epilepsy.

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