About Us

We grow a range of affordable medical cannabis to help meet the needs of patients in Maryland.

ForwardGro is locally owned and our focus is exclusively in Maryland. We became the state’s first grower of medical cannabis in May 2017. Our team has valuable experience in greenhouse growing, large and small business management, compliance, security, and a very strong track record in patient advocacy.

ASA PFCWe believe there are key benefits when growing cannabis in a sunlit, energy-efficient and sustainable greenhouse environment. A solid commitment to patients, hard work and passion have enhanced our cultivation skills over time.

We grow a range of affordable medical cannabis to help meet the needs of patients in Maryland.  We are innovative, while at the same time, we pay attention to the voice of many patients that benefit from our medicine. Our mission to provide the patients of Maryland with consistent, affordable and reliable medicine is real.

We are the only cultivator in Maryland to be certified for cultivation under the American for Safe Access’ (ASA) Patient Focused Certification (PFC) program. PFC is a non-profit a third-party certification program for the medical cannabis industry that helps patients and healthcare providers identify reliable, high-quality medical cannabis, businesses, products, and services.

Our path to success is paved by our commitment to quality. Our team takes great pride in our focus on innovation, quality, service and value.

Our medical cannabis products are available for purchase by licensed processors and dispensaries throughout the state.

ForwardGro - About

ForwardGro Team

Meet a few of our dedicated and passionate team members.  They are our greatest asset and the reason that we are able to produce consistent, reliable, and affordable medicine for the patients of Maryland.



“ForwardGro cares about patients and their feedback about the medicine we’re creating. I like working with plants and in a new industry so I am always learning. The work isn’t always easy, but it is worth it. I am a patient and our Phantom Cookies #5, typically high in beta-Myrcene, is a favorite and helps with pain and sleep.

After working in mental health and education, Jenn entered the industry after seeing how cannabis helped a family member suffering from Parkinson’s. Jenn keeps busy at ForwardGro ensuring that we maintain our quality standards. In her spare time, she plays guitar, sings and hangs out with her pup, Jack.


“I love that the work we do makes the lives of those who are suffering more manageable, pain-free, and life-changing.  We provide medicine that seems unconventional but dates back through the ages to ancient civilization and that’s pretty cool!”

Gina was drawn to the industry through a friend who is a patient advocate and after being a stay-at-home mom for seven years, she came on board to head up ForwardGro’s compliance efforts.  Gina keeps busy raising her three children who are all active in sports/dance and occasionally, she gets a date night with her husband!  She enjoys cooking, snow skiing, being outside and running.



“I like being part of something that changes patient lives. At ForwardGro, each day is different and I am continually learning about the industry every single day.”

A former colleague who is passionate about the cannabis industry brought Tarah to work at ForwardGro where she serves as our Senior Accountant.  When she isn’t busy crunching numbers, Tarah enjoys spending time with her family, relaxing by the pool, visiting Disney World or doing anything at all that is Disney related!


“It is beautiful working at ForwardGro. Everyone is like family.  Being a Jamaican, I love cannabis.  I drink and cook with it…it’s just an amazing plant.”

Benz is a lead on our grow team and keeps us all smiling.  Outside of work he enjoys fishing and watching television.


“The team at ForwardGro is a tight-knit family with a common goal that projects onto the medicine we provide. I enjoy being around the plants and studying every characteristic and learning how to care for them. I’ve tried out many different careers but none of them ever felt true to my heart until I began my job in the cannabis industry.  Peyote Cookies #4 is my favorite ForwardGro strain with its beautiful trichome coverage and earthy yet sweet tones.”

Brennan is a lead on our grow team and enjoys riding BMX bikes and spending time with family and friends.


“I love the loyalty and commitment from everyone on our team to become the best they can be. The passion I have seen from people in this industry is unmatched. I am a patient and prefer strains higher in limonene and ocimene and lower in pinene and beta-Myrcene.  Hennessy and Mimosa are two of my favorites.”

Sue came to ForwardGro during the application process.  Her nursery and compliance background made it a natural transition and she serves as ForwardGro’s Chief Operating Officer. She is a mom of two kids and three dogs, and loves hiking, ice hockey and the beach.

Danny Hammett


One of the best aspects of my job is that every day presents itself with a variety of projects to work on and problems to be solved.  I get so much satisfaction to know that the efforts we put into maintaining and improving the facility results in a quality product.

Danny is an electrician by trade and came to ForwardGro to handle and supervise all facilities and grounds maintenance, which is no small feat.  Danny has been married for 28 years, has three daughters, and is an avid gardener.


“My favorite part of working at ForwardGro is growing the plants from cloning until harvest and getting to see them through each cycle.”

Manuel is a lead on our grow team and outside of work he enjoys travel, music and spending time with his family.