interior of greenhouseForwardGro has combined best in class business management, medical cannabis research, greenhouse growing practices, and patient advocacy to become Maryland’s premier grower of medical cannabis. The team was united in 2014 by a common goal – to bring legal, accessible and quality medical cannabis to the state of Maryland. Through years of research, industry and professional relationship building,  and business planning, the team is has received its license to cultivate from the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission.

Looking Forward

In 2013, when co-founders of Maryland’s largest greenhouse operation learned the state was considering legalizing cannabis for medical use, they were very interested in learning about the growing process. Their initial research showed the vast majority of cannabis being produced via  indoor growing facilities, which went against everything the duo knew from a lifetime of working in agriculture, growing plants in controlled greenhouse environments utilizing the sun and changing seasons to grow consistent, quality plant products of all descriptions.

In early 2014, they were introduced to Debra Kimless, MD, a board certified anesthesiologist with a subspecialty in pain medicine. Kimless had been studying the effects of cannabis on a variety of medical conditions ranging from simple pain management, as a positive replacement for opioids, and as a treatment component for major disease. Kimless’ first-hand experience in helping patients in legal states through individualized treatments, and her willingness to share her knowledge has made her a leading voice at cannabis-related conferences and symposiums around the world.

Gail Rand, a CPA, financial consultant and working mom who has a family member who suffers from epilepsy, was passionately pursuing cannabis legislation in Maryland. In March 2014, she saw a television interview of one of the co-founders testifying before the Maryland legislature related to agricultural expertise on the topic of growing. In an Eastern Shore greenhouse, he discussed the simplicity, energy savings, and sustainability of greenhouse growing as compared to artificial indoor environments. It was this television piece that led Gail Rand to reach out to him as they were both parents that could relate to the struggles around epilepsy and the impact it has on families.She played an integral role in helping pass the 2014 medical cannabis legislation (SB923/HB881), as well as the 2015 legislation that improved the program. She founded a parental advocacy group for the legalization of medical cannabis in Maryland for children with epilepsy.

Greenhouse Growing

exterior of greenhouseAs founders of the nation’s seventh largest greenhouse operation, they have deep roots in Maryland agriculture. Based on their success in growing live goods, they quickly saw the potential for growing cannabis in a greenhouse environment. Greenhouses are efficient, sustainable, require less energy and result in a more consistent, robust product. They are also are experts in Integrated Pest Management, an industry best practice for reducing pesticide usage through more hands on and natural treatment of pests, which means fewer chemicals used in growing best in class flowers, including cannabis.

Medicinal Value

While the medical value of cannabis is known, and accepted in many states, there are still many new uses and science opportunities yet to be revealed. Kimless has been actively pursuing data through pro bono individualized treatments of patients suffering from a range of conditions including: epilepsy, arthritis, cancer and pain. In states where medical cannabis is currently legal, she’s assisted patients in developing tailored treatment plans using different methods of administration and varying cannabinoid ratios to influence patient response. She’s become a specialist in the Endocannabinoid System (ECS), a signaling system that maintains physiological balance throughout the body. She has demonstrated how cannabis treatments work with the ECS to treat pain and other medical conditions.

Ongoing research demonstrates the potential for cannabis related treatments for disease and other medical conditions far beyond what is currently known. Kimless is on the leading edge of these discoveries through both her pro bono medical research, and relationships with others on the forefront of medical cannabis worldwide.

Patient Advocacy

The ForwardGro team is naturally passionate about patient advocacy. With two members of the team being parents of family members who suffer from seizures, they have a personal interest in cannabis as a valid and proven medical treatment. Kimless has witnessed first hand the potential for medical treatments using cannabis microdoses and topical therapies. The uses of medical cannabis have only begun to be tapped, and the team plans to be at the forefront in developing new treatments, studying and learning from the world’s most preeminent researchers.

Moving Forward

By late 2015 the ForwardGro team was assembled and putting long hours into developing their application to earn Stage 1 license. Over the 40 days allotted by the state they worked endless hours to create a personalized application that speaks to the team’s passion. The all encompassing effort paid off in August 2016 when the state of Maryland announced Stage 1 licenses for ForwardGro to establish greenhouse growing facilities for the purpose of growing medical cannabis. In May 2017, ForwardGro became the first company in Maryland to receive its license to cultivate.

By uniting the passion for compassionate medical care with sustainable growing practices, ForwardGro promises to be the leaders in providing clean, quality cannabis and cannabis-based medical products to patients throughout Maryland.

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