ForwardGro is top-notch! Not only do they provide the freshest, highest quality of medicine on the market, they also do their part in making this amazing medicine affordable to patients across the state!

Fantastic flower at an affordable price for Maryland patients. Due to their competitive pricing we, PAH, are able to pass along bulk discounts to our patients, something only a couple Maryland cultivators are doing right now. There are plenty of patients out there that cannot, on a consistent basis, afford the high price flower that can cost as high as $65/8th. It’s nice to see that ForwardGro is filling that void for those patients and supplying top-notch medicine at the same time. Keep up the great work!

ForwardGro is crushing the medical cannabis industry! From the first grow operation in Maryland to the most consistent provider of medical cannabis in the state, they have the most desirable Clementine and Green Crack on the market. The levels of terpenes they are able to produce in their flower is excitingly impressive; some batches of their Ghost OG have been tested with over 2.0% of b-Myrcene! I appreciate the condition of each bud. We are talking dense, spongy, fresh, and with a crazy strong smell. Many of the patients in Maryland would agree on how consistent their medicine is. You better believe they’re moving the Maryland cannabis industry “Forward”.

ForwardGro has always gone above and beyond to grow and deliver quality medicine at a fair price point, they make tremendous strides to continue to improve every step of the way. Their team has supported us in every way possible since the day we opened. ForwardGro is and always will be the leader of the industry in Maryland!

I use the Blue Coral or the 24K Gold for night time use. Both strains help me get to sleep and stay asleep. I also have M.S. and both of these strains relax my muscles to the point where I can get that great night sleep I have been seeking for a long time.

As a patient, I use medical cannabis to help me with pain and sleep.  Because of this, I look for strains that have a fair amount of beta-Myrcene.  Phantom Cookies #5, grown by ForwardGro, is one of my go-to strains because it typically has high levels of beta-Myrcene and a good level of THC/THCA that usually hovers around 21-24%.  Also, this strain’s aroma is incredible!  It smells like earthy, fuel, sweetness – similar to gas and grapes.  The aroma carries over into the taste and is also very flavorful.  Overall, this is a great strain for evening time that is not too sedating but still helps aid in pain relief and sleep.