Issued Dec. 18, 2018

For Dispensaries and Processors:
The Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (the “Commission”) has released its findings and a Consent Order has been issued. Following the issuance of the Consent Order, the Commission has lifted the administrative hold on all ForwardGro product. While all ForwardGro product has passed rigorous testing by an independent, state-approved lab, ForwardGro is completing refunds for the return of ForwardGro flower and pre-rolls produced before July 1, 2018 that dispensaries and processors have in their inventories. Processed products derived or manufactured from ForwardGro medical cannabis are not included in the refund offering. 

For Patients:
ForwardGro is also offering patients the opportunity to obtain a refund for flower and pre-rolled products produced before July 1, 2018 that are still in their unopened, original packaging. To determine if any particular flower or pre-roll was produced prior to July 1, 2018, patients should check the product lot number on the package label (see sample label below) and refer to the list of products eligible for return.  

Patients who wish to obtain a refund for the flower or pre-rolls listed above should return the product to the dispensary where purchased by Friday, January 18, 2019 for a full refund.   Patients with questions may contact, or call 866-393-4763.

Sample Pre-Roll Label

Sample Pre-Packaged Flower Label