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ForwardGro Strengthens Compliance and Operations Procedures

ARNOLD, Md. (Dec. 18, 2018)– In compliance with a Consent Order issued today by the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (the “Commission”), ForwardGro LLC, a state-licensed grower of medical cannabis in Maryland, announced a change in leadership and new measures to strengthen its compliance and growing operations.

New Leadership: Gary Mangum, a co-founder of ForwardGro who previously did not participate in day-to-day operations, will now assume the Chief Executive Officer position. Neither the prior CEO nor the head grower remain with the company.

“We understand that we fell short of the expectations that we placed on ourselves related to compliance and that are set forth in state regulations,” Mangum stated. “We must and will do better – for our customers, patients, industry, and our employees. We are deeply committed to instituting the changes necessary to grow consistent, high-quality medical cannabis in Maryland.  We have learned from this experience and are using the lessons learned to build a stronger company for the future.”

Strict New Compliance Culture: Improvements to company compliance procedures include more frequent internal audits led by a compliance team, enhanced staff training on state regulations and company procedures, and enhanced reporting tools for employees to report non-compliant activities.

Enhanced Disclosure:ForwardGro has published all Certificates of Analysis for its flower sold to dispensaries on its website and will continue to publish all Certificates of Analysis moving forward. These Certificates of Analysis are the reports from the state-approved, independent laboratories that test all product. Find the certificates at

It was determined, through the Commission’s review and a company assessment, that certain crop protection agents were used at a time when they were not permitted under state regulations. ForwardGro is committed to its Integrated Pest Management program, which incorporates beneficial insects to maintain control of harmful insects, and using only those crop protection agents approved for use in Maryland. Maryland mandates strict testing of all medical cannabis products by an independent, state-approved lab to ensure patient safety.  From the beginning, all ForwardGro product available for sale at dispensaries and to processors has passed rigorous pesticide testing.  

The Commission has lifted the administrative hold placed on ForwardGro’s products. Although no ForwardGro products were found to pose any known threat to patient safety, ForwardGro is offering refunds for the return of ForwardGro flower and pre-rolls produced before July 1, 2018 that dispensaries and processors have in their inventories. Processed products derived or manufactured from ForwardGro medical cannabis are not included in the refund offering. ForwardGro is also offering patients the opportunity to obtain a refund for flower and pre-rolled products produced before July 1, 2018 that are still in their unopened, original packaging. To learn how to obtain a refund, please visit